Our mission is to help keep pastors healthier and in ministry longer. 

“He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.”
-Psalm 23:3

Pastoring is tough
and it’s getting tougher.

Your donation will prevent burnout for pastors.


of pastors report feelings of loneliness and isolation


say “the immense stress

of the job” has factored

into their thoughts on leaving


of pastors have considered

quitting full-time ministry

within the past year


name “current political

divisions” as reasons they’ve

considered stepping away

*All stats provided by Barna Group here.

May 19, 2024

Together on May 19, 2024 we can help encourage pastors. We will be getting the word out all day; praying, signing up people on our email lists, taking donations and even special emphasis in churches.

We want to appreciate pastors and let people know what other organizations are doing to help pastors and how they can get involved and help. Our community is encouraged to share the #RPLNISH posts and tag us on why they are participating in Pastors Mayday and encourage their social media friends and family to do the same.

The bottom line

With your help we can provide the following on Pastor’s Mayday 2024:

10 new trips funded
25 Mayday offerings
50 new pastors connected to RPLNISH
75 new people added to our email
$100,00 in donations

I was stressed out

Pastor Benito was in the middle of a building project and didn’t know how much pressure he was under but a RPLNISH Experience changed his life and church.

Retreating and resting is a gift

Chris understands the value of keeping fresh. Because of RPLNISH he and his organization have both grown significantly.

How to get involved

1. Help us get the word out about Pastor’s Mayday. Use your email, social media, or word of mouth and tell your friends.

2. Contact your pastor or peers and get them connect to RPLNISH on our website or social media.

3. Donte now to help raise $100,000 to help fund 10 new RPLNISH trips, pastor appreciation gifts, and more.

Download the Social Media Kit

Hey Pastor, the info below is for you:

Your church can use the social media kit above to assist in worship, prayer or taking an offering on RPLNISH Pastors Mayday.

How to get involved:

  1. Take a special offering on 5/19 and invest in pastors through RPLNISH.
  2. Use the Pastors Mayday graphic in your services to engage your congregation or social media followers.
  3. Use Pastors Mayday as a way to involve your congregation in prayer and understand more about pastors.
  4. Use your personal and church social media to allow your followers to engage. You can use the Pastors Mayday graphic, Bible verses or even make a video on your phone and post it. Be sure to tag #RPLNISH on all social media platforms.


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